The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City has been implementing its mission to assist African Americans, other minorities, and the poor to achieve social and economic equality since 1946.

We work to accomplish our mission through programs and services in four focus areas:

Housing and Financial Literacy

The Affordable Housing Program has been one of the core focuses of the Urban League since 1946. The Affordable Housing Program provides quality, affordable homes by rehabilitating existing structures and constructing new homes and prepares families for homeownership by hosting homebuyer essentials workshops.

In FY 2019, we helped 582 clients through this program.

Community Convening and Social Justice (CCSJ)

The Urban League’s CCSJ Department focuses on fighting for social justice and highlighting the racial inequalities in the black and brown communities related to economic development.

In FY 2019, we helped 3,653 clients through this program.