As a part of the Community Convening and Social Justice (CCSJ) Department’s initiative the department actively collaborates with Dr. Thompson in her appointed position on a 45-member task force to study and make recommendations on Oklahoma City Police Department policies to de-escalate potentially violent interactions with citizens and independent oversight.

The three areas of police reform the CCSJ Department are focused on are:

  • Strengthening the diversity hiring standards and practices for the Oklahoma City Police Department
  • Review and revision of police use of deadly force policies
  • Review of Oklahoma City’s de-escalation techniques and training specific to mental health issues

Additionally, Dr. Thompson is a part of a 12-member internal working group that collaborates with 21CP Solutions. 21CP Solutions is tasked with examining issues, including crisis response training, alternatives for responding to mental health calls, and programs to reduce neighborhood violence. The Urban League’s Community Convening and Social Justice Department will lead efforts to secure community input and support of the 21CP consultants. Read more about 21CP Solutions here.