The Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City has partnered with Langston University’s Rehabilitation Research and Training Center to recruit marginalized people with disabilities in obtaining success in employment through entrepreneurship training and technical assistance. By recruiting numerous marginalized people with disabilities interested in starting or sustaining their small minority-owned business, the Urban League has will help to grow businesses within the entire State of Oklahoma, especially those people of color.

To be eligible you must meet the requirements below:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a founder, co-founder, or leader of an early-stage startup,
  • Have the desire to receive incubator services (e.g., mentoring)
  • Willingness to be held accountable to project goals.

Selection Criteria

  • Must be 18 years and above.
  • Must show interest in entrepreneurship.
  • Must have a disability.
  • Must be from an underserved community.
  • Potential for solving the identified problem at scale.
  • Must submit complete application.

To begin the application process, you must complete an intake form and survey. Simply scan the QR code below or click on the link to complete our intake form Once we receive your information, we will contact for your next steps on completing the survey.