Agency collaboration ensures homebound individuals and their families have access to COVID vaccines

OKDHS and District 2 Health Departments partner in the northern counties

OKLAHOMA CITY (Aug 8, 22) – Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) has partnered with the District 2 County Health Departments to ensure homebound individuals ages five and older, as well as their family caregivers, have access to COVID vaccines. For these individuals, who may already have complex medical conditions, access to vaccines can literally be life-saving.

Kendra is homebound due to several significant medical conditions. She received her first two COVID shots with the help of the OKDHS Community Living, Aging and Protective Services (CAP) vaccine team and recently received her OKDHS COVID text reminder to schedule her booster shot.

“This extraordinary service is sorely needed in our communities,” said Kendra. “Sadly, I’m not sure enough people realize just how necessary a program like this is. As a severely immunocompromised and bedbound individual, there were absolutely no options available to me to receive my COVID-19 vaccinations or my booster shots. If it were not for this vital community service, I would still be vulnerable to this deadly pandemic. Wonderfully, while the nurses were here they were also able to give me my overdue flu vaccine. I had given up even thinking that I would be able to get my flu shot.”

Kendra was grateful not only for access to the vaccine, but also for the support of the CAP team and her local Health Departments.

“All of the folks I have spoken with or met have been supportive, helpful and most importantly, they have been kind,” she continued. “Thank you again for taking such good care of me.”

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