Current volunteer opportunities

Opportunities will be updated as they become available. Volunteers will receive an email update when changes are made.

Young Professionals
Becoming a member connects young professionals to like-minded peers locally and nationally.

PEAK Activity Helpers
We are looking for adults ages 21 and older to help with the PEAK Program at Douglass Mid-High. Volunteers will help organize snack time, hands-on activities, mail outs and special PEAK events. Volunteers will be subject to a background search. The PEAK program is Monday through Thursday from 2:25 to 5 p.m. until May 22.

Youth Mentors
We are looking for mentors, age 25 and older, to help with our Youth Empowerment Program. Mentors will participate in one-on-one activities, group activities and events. Mentee students range from age 18 to 24. We ask applicants to be able to commit at least one year of service, so both the mentor and mentee involved see a tangible benefit. Applicants will be subject to a background search.

Please visit the Careers page for information regarding internships